Jandi Satrio Wibowo Pasaka, “Mrs. Siti Fadilah, Jokowi urged to free a Health Hero and the World needs her as ‘Shot Transparency’ Warrior”.

Dr.Siti Fadillah Supari

TAJUKNEWS.COM, Jakarta. - It's time for the world to change, it's no secret that the vaccine industry since the controversial case of the H5N1 virus that used data on the Avian Influenza virus was allegedly smuggled by the head lab of NAMRU who was also alleged to be a warfare ground of US intelligences which had office in the Ministry of Health. It was also not uncommon that Mrs. Siti is a political prisoner who was conditioned through the KPK (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission).

President Jokowi will certainly seek and uphold the truth for the mankind civilization, I am sure nothing will be impossible due to the president and his wife who have been invited to the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, and believes with his sincere heart for the struggle of Indonesia.

The combination between President Jokowi and Siti Fadilah is the motherland's summon for the international world, once again, the two natives of this nation are needed to shake the world, let’s forgive who’s the guilty and who’s the trapper, it doesn’t matter anymore, because we are in a war situation; I called it as the world war in terms of war between scientists.

Mrs. Siti, Mrs. Mega, President Jokowi, they are purely, truly as Bung Karno's spirits who always fought for freedom, justice, equality of the nations in the world. Analyzing the case of Mrs. Siti, who has served 3/4 of her imprisonment, and it is time for her to be a freedom fighter again, this is an absolute thing that Indonesia needs, what she faces is purely a violation of universal human rights which is recognized by the UN and has been accommodated in Act No. 12 of 1995 concerning correctional facilities, regulations of the Minister of Laws and Human Rights contradicts with the laws and the 1945 Constitution. Prof. Romli atmasasmita as one of the founders of the KPK also stated that regulations of the Minister of Laws and Human Rights on the conditions of remission and conditional release does not apply to prisoners on corruption case"

The interesting thing is all the sons and daughters of the nation are moving together again, the corona virus become a momentum so that all high-ranking government officials must be trustworthy and take full of responsibility to make benefit for the people of Indonesia. It's time for the world to change!

Satrio believes that the dynamic duo between Jokowi and Mrs. Siti in the health world will become a point of world’s struggle which is in the status of "we are at war" – just like President Emmanuel Macron says, don’t be surprise if Europe closes all of its borders, China closes its borders, Singapore closes its borders and everything becomes "we are at war" status that wrapped in "guarding the virus"

Let us support President Jokowi to re-evaluate the case of the corruption process against Mrs. Siti, the KPK swiftly processed and arrested Mrs. Siti, who was managed to help her subordinate’s corruption case in 2012, however, the case was filed on 2016, let us analyze the case thoroughly, the KPK had made 7 attempts to make charge against her, there was no solid evidence whatsoever, who is the suspected? Nevertheless, this struggle for justice is not over in this country, we can see that something big will happen.

It is the time for us to show that Mrs. Siti Fadilah as Bill Gates’s match in the stance of Global Health Governance, Global Social Security, it’s time for Indonesia to offer the Indonesian health warrior to WHO, because Indonesia needs a symbol of resistance, Mother Earth calls us, let's move and it’s time for the world to change!


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